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Hate Has No Home Here

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Its an intimidating world out there, and in our community we want to make sure that everyone feels welcome. We are proud to produce "Hate Has No Home Here" yard signs at cost to help support the cause, and to promote a sense of community all over.

The phrase used in this poster was imagined by a third grader and kindergartner at Peterson Elementary School and Steven Luce, a North Park neighbor and designer, created the graphics.

Hate Has No Home Here encourages other communities to participate in combating hateful messages and behavior in their neighborhoods by going beyond the poster or sign. Use this opportunity to gather neighbors, start conversations about protecting and encouraging each other, and make plans for using resources to educate others.

Find out more about Hate Has No Home Here, and follow them on Twitter for more ideas on combating hateful massages.

Signs are now available for pre-order.  We'll have them ready for you in a two to three weeks.

If you are feeling encouraged to give more to the community, check out our charities that we are currently accepting donations for.

2016 Holiday Gift Certificate

Put off shopping until the last minute?  Not a problem.  Print a gift certificate right from your home printer!  You loved ones will be able to pick from a wide variety of Limited Edition art prints!

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New Artist: Flip Solomon

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Artist of the Month: Karen Davis Alexander

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New Artist: Spring Whitaker

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Artist of the Month: Dawn Winter

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Artist of the Month Julie Pelaez

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New Artist Karen Davis Alexander

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New Rebecca Bennett Artwork

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Artist of the Month Joel Ganucheau

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