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Artist of the Month Joel Ganucheau

This month, we chose Joel Ganucheau as our featured artist. Joel is a full-time artist living and working in Austin, TX, who works primarily with acrylic, wood panels, spray paint, stencils, and collage. We took a visit to Joel's studio and learned some new information about how he works and how he hopes to continue [...]

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New Starla Halfmann Art

Starla Halfmann prints fill any space with color, light, and cheer. Her pieces capture the wonder of the natural world in a gentle but often profound manner. Here are our newest Starla Halfmann pieces. Click the image you like to see print options and details or click here to see more of Starla's art. What [...]

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We Love Liliana

“My images come from the subconscious. Many of the figures I create appear in ‘other-world’ environments: their outward composure in direct contrast to their inner turmoil. Realities collide on multiple levels as beauty emanates from the subjects.” - Liliana WilsonEvery time Liliana Wilson brings us a new piece, we are filled with fascination and amazement. Liliana's [...]

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Austin Art Refugees at EAST

The last weekend of East Austin Studio Tours is just around the corner. If you haven't already, check out the Austin Art Refugees at The North Door! Many of the artists featured have created paper and metal prints that have presented and sold phenomenally. Austin Art Refugees, a group of twenty impressive and diverse Austin [...]

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Artist of the Month Larry Goode

LARRY GOODE IS OUR ARTIST OF THE MONTH FOR NOVEMBER! Along with a studio interview with Larry and a special sale, we've introduced some new Larry Goode work to our site. While maintaining the whimsical yet mysterious personality of Larry's work that we love so much, this collection dips more into the abstract. One of the things that [...]

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Dawn Winter Painting Video

Take a peak into Dawn Winter's painting process with this beautiful short video.Click the image below to view.Below are some samples of Dawn's work. See more and order prints here! "Winter III""Intersections 1""Fireworks"

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Skyline Welcomes Ginger Grasley!

Ginger Grasley's Guitars!             "Dragon Jimmy Page"                                            "Airline David Bowie"

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Terrell Powell's White Rocks!

Check out Terrell Powell's new landscape seriesThese vibrant White Rocks landscapes will bring life to any room. Order your limited edition Giclee prints today!          "White Rocks I"                                                          [...]

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Kathy Womack's Bella Muerte Series!

   Dramatic or provoking imagery based on fashion, anatomy or emotion is what moves me to create my artwork. Some pieces can reflect all or just one of these.  When I begin my process, I usually see it in my head already complete and follow through with a vision in mind that guides me. [...]

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New Janna Sammon!

She Said... by Janna Sammon!

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