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Cheeks, Paws, and Claws!

Check Out Eli Halpin's New Work!"Peru""River Otters""Great White Sharks"

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Artist: Joel Ganucheau

Joel Ganucheau's New Works!Order your limited edition prints here.""Flat Track Racers""Pegasis"

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Dawn Winter's Summer

Dawn Winter Goes Bright!Check out Dawn Winter's new, bright and colorful abstracts. Choose your limited edition print today. "Summer Dreams""Grey Days with Moments of Sunshine"

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Terrell Powell's New Works

Terrell Powell's Limited Editions                       "White Spotted Dog"                             "Blue Bird Dog""I make paintings for myself which are reactions to the circumstances of my life. I consider them a documentation of my personal reality. Past experiences, dreams, and observation of everyday [...]

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Skyline Welcomes Julie Pelaez!!!

Influential TranscendenceJulie Pelaez limited edition prints now available! As the daughter of a watercolor artist/art quilter, Julie grew up surrounded by creativity. After obtaining a BFA from the University of Delaware, she spent a decade as an Art Director at advertising agencies in and around the Baltimore, Maryland area. When motherhood came, she seized the opportunity [...]

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Mike Johnston Art!

We LOVE LOVE Mike Johnston's Art!You have seen Mike's popular "TRUTH" tags around Austin, get a personal print for your home today!"I Love Love""By day I teach elementary art and at night I am a street art evangelist (TRUTH) bringing the message of joy to the masses. I love painting on found objects and [...]

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New Work by ELI HALPIN!

Eli Halpin grew up in Alaska and now lives and paints full time in Austin Texas. She focuses on the face expressions of animals while enjoying and celebrating their paws, cheeks, whiskers, claws, hooves, antlers, horns and tusks. Eli’s paintings tell stories of living together, working together, eating together, the sacredness of food, friendship, family, [...]

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Rebecca Bennett Goes Abstract!

"My love of color, the feelings they evoke, and my physical environment inform my work. I'm essentially in a meditative space when painting and want to convey that sense of peace and well being. When asked how long I've been painting I say "All my life"' -Rebecca           [...]

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Graham Francoise Art

Quiet MomentsWorks by Graham Francoise                                                  "Grizzled"                                                                                               "A [...]

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Joel Salcido

Visual Frontiers Skyline Art Editions Welcomes Nationally Renowned Photographer, Joel Salcido "Castillo En Derrota"Joel Salcido is a talented and experienced photographer. He has images in vaults of art museums all across the great state of Texas."I grew up with one foot in Mexico and the other in the United States. I've always juggled two languages, two cultures [...]

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