Artist of the Month Joel Ganucheau

Posted by Bronwyn on 2nd Feb 2016

This month, we chose Joel Ganucheau as our featured artist. Joel is a full-time artist living and working in Austin, TX, who works primarily with acrylic, wood panels, spray paint, stencils, and collage. We took a visit to Joel's studio and learned some new information about how he works and how he hopes to continue his career. Read some of the highlights below and check out the full interview here

"I’m currently working on a series of skulls. It’s something that I feel like I have to get out of me."



"One of my favorite all time artists is Robert Rauschenberg. He does collage and assemblage stuff. Shepard Fairey as well- I use a lot of big bold line work similar to his. Recently, I have been drawing inspiration from sign painters. One of the local Austin pros is Gary Martin from Gary Martin's Signs. (He does all the hand painted signs for the local burger spot P. Terry's). I love going over to his space and watching him work. It's beautiful line work"

Robert Rauschenberg- Retroactive I                                                         Shephard Fairey- Power & Equality

"One of my goals this year is to focus on making paintings and having the art publishers and printers like Skyline Art Prints handle the printing side. Sometimes I will spend a whole week just working on printing and not painting so it really pulls me away from being creative and doing what I feel is most important for me to do. That is what makes me happiest"