Coming Soon - New Print Material

Coming Soon - New Print Material

Posted by Cassie Gonzalez on 25th Jul 2017

Skyline will soon offer the artwork you love on new materials!

Acrylic Mounted Prints

Photographic quality prints face mounted to acrylic have a vibrant color, clarity and depth. Light passes through the acrylic in a unique way that illuminates your image for a modern and sleek aesthetic. The mounted print is fixed to black pvc for added support, and has a wooden backing with ready to hang wire.


1/4" acrylic with 3mm black PVC backer

1" x 2" Pine wood backing with ready to hang wire and courtesy hook

Photographic quality on our Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper

Clear Metal Prints

Order prints on Clear Metal to have that metallic steal texture shine through your image.

Infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal prints result in outstanding image clarity and vibrancy with exceptional detail and resolution. The subtle reflective quality shines through in lighter areas of the image.

*Colors may vary due to sublimation process and substrate surface.

Metal prints are also extremely durable, offering scratch and abrasion resistance without hiding your image behind glass. Our metal prints also offer the highest fade resistance compared to every other photo medium.


ChromaLuxe clear metal panels

Photographic image quality

1.14mm sides

Wood backing with saw tooth ready to hang

White Metal Prints

Want the same polished look but without the metal grain? Not a problem. White Metal Prints have all the same durability and resistance to fade as the Clear, but with a White base, so your colors are sure to remain true to the original.


Our metal prints have a durable scratch resistant surface that is waterproof and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Use caution when hanging. If dropped the corners can dent.

Contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Contain no lead or other heavy metals or phthalates

Coating is a thin, very durable layer which is cured using a low energy process creating zero emissions