New Artist: Flip Solomon

Posted by Cassie Gonzalez on 13th Dec 2016

Introducing our newest arrival here at Skyline Art Editions, Flip Solomon!

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Flip Solomon is a Narcoleptic who creates large scale pen & ink drawings and works from her very vivid dreams.  She has been bringing in artwork to have scanned and printed with us for quite some time and we are thrilled to have her join the Skyline Art Editions crew.

“Having Narcolepsy means that I have excessive and incessant REM cycles throughout a 24 hour period, both during sleep and awake time. It makes my dreaming very vivid and it feels like I have a second life in dreams."

"Working large-scale helps with my wakefulness and drawing is the one thing I can do while experiencing my waking REM episodes.”

“When I’m awake, I’m pulling these concepts together into compositions for my artwork. I try to imbue each piece with beneficial symbols and themes of abundance, oneness, balance, infiniteness and unity."

Be sure to check out the rest of her collection HERE.