New Artist: Spring Whitaker

Posted by Cassie Gonzalez on 15th Jul 2016

Welcome new arrival, Spring Whitaker!
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Spring Whitaker - Bio Pic

This Jersey Shore artist primarily photographs, but her hobby of painting has produced some incredible art! These fun animal portraits feature floral crowns, vibrant colors, and the occasional metallic flare. If you are an animal or nature lover, you will absolutely fall in love with this series.

Aster & Claire

" My subject choice has always been animals. I love them, their eyes especially, there is a peacefulness that lies inside them. Animals know who they are, they aren't self conscious, they don't judge others; they are who they were born to be and it's beautiful. I enjoy using colors to play up the animals’ different personalities, and I give them names according to those personalities. "


"I am a self-taught artist who grew up on the beaches of New Jersey and in the deserts of southern California. Currently I reside at the Jersey Shore where I own my own photography business."

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