Christine Terrell


Christine Terrell has a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.  She worked over 10 years in NYC designing for a range of corporate clients. After moving to Austin, Texas in the mid 1990's, an opportunity arose to enroll in metalworking classes at a community college.  This new exposure lead her to focus on re-purposing decorative tins into wearable art jewelry and accessories.  Very much a materials girl, working with tins also inspired a deeper exploration into the general use and reuse of all materials, which she regularly pins and blogs.

Christine has recently extended her creative pursuits to include encaustic painting. Encaustic is a hot, pigmented beeswax which is naturally archival and perfect for painting and collage. Her paintings clearly draw on a love of clean lines, bright colors and structured design, but the translucency of the wax adds a softness and depth to her work. Still very much inspired by the printed metal, many of her mixed media pieces feature scraps of tin she finds too lovely to relegate to the recycle bin.

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