Courtney Rock

courtneyrockbiophoto-small.jpgCourtney Rock is an artist, teacher, storyteller, and mother. Her illustrations are filled with bold color and texture that are influenced by gems and minerals, as well as the rural Texas landscape in which she explored as a child.
A lifelong Austinite, Courtney earned her BA in Studio Art and a BFA in Visual Art Studies from the University of Texas.  She currently inspires young, creative minds as an elementary art teacher in the Austin Independent School District, while also painting, illustrating, and authoring children's books.  As a mother and teacher, she deeply feels an urgent sense of teaching and modeling empathy towards others, creative problem-solving, and stewardship of the Earth.  She strives to create stories and art that underscore those ideas.
Courtney lives with her husband and two sons in Oak Hill. She loves elephants, the Texas Coast, iced coffee, and silver ponyfoot.
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