Dawn Winter


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When did you start painting?
It wasn’t until my early 40’s while visiting the galleries of Santa Fe, NM that I felt compelled to explore painting. I had never considered painting, however, as I meandered thrugh the galleries, I felt compelled to explore this newly emerging interest. I randomly chose acrylic paints, mediums and canvases and began experimenting. My learning curve began with the thoughts of “I wonder what will happen when I ……” and this curiosity continues.

Have you always had such a distinct technique? How did this develop?
Although I have experimented with my painting technique over time, my method of using a palette knife and enjoying the use of color has been a constant. Over the years I've experimented with different mediums along with acrylic paints. Most recently, I've returned to adding more texture to my paintings. I love how colors interact and I love the tactile sensation of a palette knife with the buttery feel of acrylic paints. I especially enjoy the process of letting colors "poke" through from each layer.


 - Videography by Becca Ewing

Do you explore very specific themes or does it vary?
I have always had an interest in interior design, landscaping, architecture and how colors play off of each other. These interests often factor into my work. I will take images from my environment as inspiration for future paintings. My temperament at the time certainly has an impact on the outcome of a painting! Occasionally I will lean towards more of a "abstract landscape" look by aluding to a distant horizon in my paintings.

teal-1.jpg    teal-2.jpg

Teal I, Teal II

Other than painting, what are your interests?
I especially enjoy British mysteries and British comedy shows...the quirkier the better! I am hoping to return to England this year as I love to travel. I enjoy exploring Austin and the Hill Country, coffee shops and times spent laughing with friends and family. When I find the time, I love to read. I'd also love to spend more time in the mountains!

Are you working on anything at the moment?
I am currently working on adding more texture to my paintings using different mediums and am preparing for several shows for this Fall including the Red Dot Sale with the Women and their Work Gallery this September.

Where can we see more of your work?
I am currently showing my work with the Austin Art Garage and generally have between 5-8 paintings available at any given time. I've just signed on to begin showing my work in North Carolina with the Woodlands Boutiques and I'm really excited about this opportunity. I have some framed prints available as online exclusives with Anthropologie. I usually participate in the EAST and WEST studio tours each year too.


Black and Tan I

A lot of your pieces are parts of a small series. Is there a reason you work in series rather than single pieces?
I find that working on several paintings within a series allows me more freedom to experiment and play around with color interaction. The method of applying different layers remains the same, but often times the paintings will result with a "similar but different" look to them. I also find that if working on several paintings at one time, I don't feel self-imposed pressure for one painting accomplish what I'm looking for.

What are you plans for the future of your work?
I'd like to continue adding more textures, additional layers and sense of depth to my paintings. I hope to continue exploring additional opportunities/locations to show my work and I've recently began providing individual lessons to persons in the beginning stages of exploring painting.

prairie-fieldscrop.jpg   winter-3.jpg


Prarie Fields, Winter III