Emily Galusha

emily-galusha-bio-pic-sm.jpg"It would be obvious and underwhelming to draw comparisons of Emily Galusha to any gun-toting cowgirl from old black and white picture shows, despite her affinity for depicting firearms within her work.

Her voice is soft spoken. When she enters a room, it is with an almost ghostly elegance; in a manner peculiar to someone who was instructed in classical ballet. Emily’s eyes flash quickly about with an almost animated curiosity as she discusses her work, as if her answer lies in some dusty family photo album hidden in the corner of the room. To describe her in meeting serves only to underscore one of the core juxtapositions experienced in her presence that undoubtedly informs her work. Despite her kind and pleasant comportment, Emily is no softy. Growing up with brothers and finding an early affinity for punk rock music reinforced the flexible definition of femininity’s virtue. Qualities held sacred in being a “Southern Woman” are almost exclusively dependent on context. Her art removes the blindfold provided us through context, and leaves viewers to experience the symbols unveiled and embroiled in an eternal dance.

Emily’s work delivers a double-tap of intellectual impact and Southern hospitality. Armed with her lauded background in graphic design and a keen eye for antiques, she dexterously blends artistic traditions and media using graphite, paint, and objects from both her personal and the region’s distant past. Drawing her guns against (pun intended) ethereal backgrounds of tonal variations, affixed objects and distressed wood. She says that her family history, the geography of her early and current life are considered in her art. She came from a proud family of talented and creative people, with a rich history to discuss over holiday meals.” - Guy Bell, Artist & Gallery Owner

She acquired her BFA from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, set in the Ozark Mountains. Originally from Little Rock, AR, she is now based in Austin, TX.

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