Flip Solomon

flip-solomon-bio-pic-preview-2copy.jpgFlip Solomon is a multidimensional artist based in Austin, TX.  She creates large-scale pen & ink drawings and works from her very vivid dreams.

"Having Narcolepsy means that I have excessive and incessant REM cycles throughout a 24 hour period, both during sleep and awake time.  It makes my dreaming very vivid and it feels like I have a 2nd life in dreams.  When I started meditating, the first think I noticed was that it cleared all the clutter out of my dreams.  All of a sudden I was getting very clear messages from the dream-world and I started putting these themes of higher consciousness into my artwork.  The dreams were of a much higher vibrational frequency than my everyday thoughts in waking life."

"When I'm awake, I'm pulling these concepts together into compositions for my artwork.  I try to imbue each piece with beneficial symbols and themes of abundance, oneness, balance, infiniteness and unity...  Working large-scale helps with my wakefulness and drawing is the one thing I can do while experiencing my waking REM episodes."


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