Graham Franciose




Interview by Katie Dunkle
K: What inspires your art?
G: I grew up in the woods so I loved nature and playing out in the woods and in rivers. I love going to the greenbelt 
here in Austin! I am also inspired by children's books and the stories that they tell with their illustrations. If I ever
made a children's book, it might be something like a never ending story of time and scenarios. Whenever I start a
new painting I don't have a definite idea. The drawings and paintings just come out through the filter in which I
view the world or my mood at the time I suppose.
K: Where are you currently showing?
G: EAST, Austin Art Garage, Sebastian Foster 
Gallery, Tresor Gallery in New Orleans, Art
Whino,and a few others.
K: What are you currently working on?
G: Brian Maclaskey and I are working on
collaborative pieces. Our styles are quite
different but they mesh well together. We
have a lot of fun passing the work back and
forth, combining our creativity. I do some
illustration on the side in addition to my
fine art.
K: Anything else we should know about 
your art?
G: I think Brian and I might do another 
collaborative thing. He really wants to do
something else. We might do that next year.
We’re both trying to get through EAST and
through the holidays and then we can think
about other stuff.
K: Favorite pieces you’ve done ever?
G: I think as soon as I finish a piece it’s my 
favorite and then immediately I’m like
“Alright, I have to do something different.”
It’s always until I do something better - always
the next best thing. I think that’s part of being
an artist. As soon as you finish it you’re
excited and then you see everything that’s wrong with it in your eyes. I did this piece for a band Wild Child;
it’s their tour poster right now and my current favorite. I really enjoy music and art is a good way for me to
connect with local musicians.
K: Techniques and mediums?
G: Heavy weight cotton coffee stained paper, sketch in with pencil, watercolor, gouache and crow quill pens.

K: Your older work was more about figures in open space and now you’re focusing more on environments
and nature. Tell us
a bit more about your subject matter.
G: Yeah. It’s weird, I kind of go in a cycle. It’s just constantly changing. I'd say my work can be emotional - a thoughtful 
moment in a story of internal contemplation. My pieces are an open ended story which engages the viewer’s imagination.
K: Looking back, how do you feel about your one-a-days project where you made one drawing everyday for a year?
G: It was really cool. It was a lot of work but it made me do something every day. 
K: Did you stay true or did you have to make up a couple?
G: A couple… I definitely did two a day from time to time. I started it as an experiment but then I started to get followers.
I had a blog going so I felt like I had to keep up with it for the fans. It was awesome. I think I’m going to do it again
at some point and maybe do it a little different. I started on my birthday.
K: After EAST, what can we expect for future?
G: I’m going to keep painting; I really want to try to get some shows outside of Austin. It’s an excuse to travel. I’m looking 
at some galleries in Colorado and the West Coast, California and Portland. That’s my goal- this is a great time to travel.
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Just You and Me, Pal Grizzled

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