Graham Franciose

grahamfranciose.jpgGraham Franciose was born and raised in the woods of Massachusetts.  He grew up skateboarding, drawing and imagining all kinds of fantastical things.  He eventually went to college to get his BFA in Illustration and has been working as a freelance illustrator and fine artist for the last 7 years putting those fantastical ideas to paper.  He currently lives and works in Austin, TX.

"A lot of my work deals with the quiet moments in a story, between the excitement and action where characters deal with internal conflicts, doubt, loneliness, wonder, apprehension.  My work often comes across as sad and melancholy, but there is always a sense of hope that I am trying to portray.  I try to keep the meaning and scenario of my work open ended so each viewer can interpret the narrative in their own way.  There is a story in there, but it's up to you to decide what it is."
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