Katie Dunkle

unnamed.jpgKatie is currently traveling on a country wide journey in a mobile Tiny House. View her work below where she has taken her studio on the road and out into nature creating her growing and divergent art portfolio as a full time artist. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. Katie is focused on a new body of work entitled "State Flowers".

Katie is influenced by the sprawling size and diverse land forms that America offers yielding a treasure of spectacular efflorescence.  One could imagine how this is a muse of endless inspiration for an artist who is a lover of the natural environment. "State Flowers” is the newest group of paintings by Katie Dunkle. Observations beautifully rendered with crisp lines and vibrant colors.  They possess a sentimental essence, and so, making a lasting impression.

katie-dunkle-figure-drawing-series-thumb.jpg    katie-dunkle-state-flower-series-thumb.jpg

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