Larry Goode


Larry Goode is an art maker, illustrator, designer, teacher of eclectic creative thoughts, and occasional filmmaker. Always experimenting, Goode has developed a process he calls design reduction, which is a method of approaching a project from a wrong or unusual direction in order to break away from the mediocre and arrive at a unique solution. He feels that the process of art making should not be driven by years of conditioning by arbitrary and conventional rules. It should be a broken process used to create unexpected results. Goode combines drawing, painting, found objects, his own photos and other artifacts to create highly dream-like illustrations that retain a sense of wonder, whimsy, and humor.  His intention is to invite the viewer to be curious and have a sense of discovery about the work.

Goode received his BFA from the University of Texas at Austin and a MFA from Texas State University. He currently lives in Austin with his wife and two hairless dogs. His work has won numerous awards and is included in The Art Institute of Chicago’s Special Collections Library and Seton Hospital permanent collection among others.

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