Rebecca Bennett

rb-bio-photo-web.jpgMost of my formative years were spent in Vineland, New Jersey outside of Philadelphia, Pa. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to live in many areas of the US to include: Monterey, Ca., Denver, Co., St. Louis, Mo., and Florence, Ky. The past 16 years I have lived in Austin, Texas with my husband and two sons.
As most artists will tell you, I have made and appreciated art all of my life. I’ve had formal study throughout my life and experimented in between. In 2002, I finally had a studio space of my own and committed to being a professional artist. My work has found its way into many residential and commercial spaces.

This “Bird Watching” series was created in 2013 as a mixed media project using found and bought papers, and drawing. Each of the images uses the same bird in different settings, most of them confining, with watchful eyes upon them. The brightly colored images infer lightheartedness, while the imagery provides fodder for thoughtful reflection.

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