Terrell Powell

terrell-powell-bio.jpgThis latest body of work reflects the memories and strong ties to rural life Terrell had while growing up.

“I make paintings for myself which are reaction to the circumstances of my life. I consider them a documentation of my personal reality. Past experiences, dreams, and observation of everyday life inspire my work. I view paintings as a learning experience – a kind of therapy. I’m interested in the subconscious or intuitive selection of images that are incorporated into my paintings, especially those whose significance may only be made certain at some later point in time.  Spontaneity is very important to me – the chance for just something to happen in a painting. For me the uncertainty of what will happen in a painting is an essential aspect of making art. There is something troubling about not knowing all theanswers. I suppose that’s why I paint.”

Terrell Powell was born in Angleton, Texas.
He lives and works in Austin, Texas. His highly collected work hangs in galleries, offices, hospitals and fine homes across the country.

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